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Diet Bach TeaOrder Now Diet Bach flower formula Based on our years of proven experience using Bach Flowers, and our extensive knowledge of herbal infusions, we invite you to benefit from both! Overweight and eating disorders are both results of imbalance in the human body. When we go on a weight-loss plan, we place our body under stress that ultimately leads to the opposite result from that desired: weight gain. Consumption of even 400 calories a day that do not break down in our bodies causes weight gain. In contrast, consumption of 2,000 calories that do break down properly will not cause weight gain.

This is why most weight-loss plans based on calorie counting ultimately don't work.
We eat (or overeat) due to tension, anxiety, depression, or other undesirable emotional states. Our Diet Bach formula balances your physical-mental-emotional state, allowing you to stick to your weight loss plan while achieving a serene state of mind, thus preventing you from overeating.

Tea Bach Ayurvedic Tea Fasting This blend was harmoniously composed using old Indian recipes. The intense, spicy, flowery scent and taste let all ingredients to fully unfold. Especially the slightly tangy taste of Mate is perfectly supplemented by the fresh note of lemon grass. This blend can be drunk either cold or warm and surely makes every fasting period easier to bear. Ingredients: green Mate tea, lemon grass, rose hip peel, ginger pieces, cardamom, black pepper, basil, rose petals, Roman camomile.

» We package each tea mixture with our Diet Bach infusion formula in a 2-ounce unit good for preparing 15-25 cups of delicious tea, which we recommend drinking two cups a day; cold or hot beverage, as you prefer.

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